Simply put, we buy insurance as a way to protect ourselves against loss. Insurance is a fact of life. But today, there are so many different insurance programs and products in the marketplace, the choices may seem overwhelming. In addition, there are the challenges of frequently changing federal and state regulations.

Whether you need life, health, disability, long-term, or employee insurance, CWM can help you find the right provider and policies for you, your family or your company.

Life Insurance

The primary purpose of life insurance is to offer your dependents financial stability in the event of your death. The benefit from a life insurance policy can provide a steady stream of income for your family. It can also provide liquid capital to pay estate taxes and other obligations.

Bank On Yourself®

Collins Wealth Management is one of only 200 authorized advisers in the U.S. and Canada to offer Bank on Yourself® life insurance. Bank On Yourself® uses a little-known “super-charged” version of an asset that has increased in value during every market crash and in every period of economic boom and bust for more than 160 years –dividend-paying whole life insurance.

Bank On Yourself® requires a whole life insurance policy with some features added on to it that very few financial advisers understand. A large portion of your premium goes into two riders or options that make your money in the policy grow significantly faster than a traditional whole life policy, while reducing the commission the agent receives by 50-70%. NOTE: If your policy isn’t structured properly, it could grow much more slowly, lose the tax advantages, or both. At CWM we know how to structure these policies and which companies offer the best policies for maximizing the power of the Bank On Yourself® concept. To learn more about Bank of Yourself® dividend-paying whole life insurance click here:

Long-Term Care Insurance

America’s growing population of elderly citizens is faced with the need for long-term care. Long-term care insurance transfers a portion of the risk of long-term care expenses to an insurance company, helping to protect you and your family from potentially devastating expenses.

Individual Health Insurance

Medical insurance is at the heart of every family’s insurance plan. Navigating today’s health insurance industry can be daunting at best. CWM can help you select the best medical, surgical and pharmacy plans for you and your entire family, including individual and Medicare supplements where appropriate.

Group Health

If you run a small-to-midsize business, you know that there are certain types of benefits that employees will automatically expect from their employer. The first and foremost is health care. Your employees are not only expecting these benefits, they also may be interested in other options, including group life insurance.

Disability Income Insurance

Disability insurance helps replace income lost because of an accident or illness. One survey found that four out of 10 people over 40 will suffer a disability of at least 90 days before they reach age 65.1 Whether you need disability insurance for yourself or your employees, CWM has a plan to fit your needs.

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Annuity Products

Annuities provide tax-deferred growth potential like qualified retirement plans, but contributions are not tax-deductible. Single premium or immediate annuities provide secure, predetermined annual income.

Annuity contracts can be used to supplement your employer-provided retirement plans. Single Premium or immediate annuities provide secure, predetermined annual income.

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